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The following is a selection of comments received via our feedback page...

Comment: A fan of astrology, I have had my chart erected many times, and your site and broadcasts are amazing, and insightful. Thank you for clarifying so many things.

Comment: Thank you for this site, it's extremely helpful and enjoyable.

Comment: Dear Farley,
I remember being glued to the radio 18 years ago listening to relationship/career problems people would call in and your astrological answers.

Comment: Dear Farley,
You read my chart many years ago (mid 80's). I still have the recorded cassette.  Your name popped into my head while at my computer. I googled you and was so happy to see your smiling face again.  So glad you are still in the world enlightening it with your "Jaguar in your garage" gift.

Comment: Hi Farley!
Am an old KFox listener. Just bought a lap top computer and so glad to find u!!! U taught me so much, thank u. I wish KFOX was on again-the good old days. Met u at mailbox depot-u encoraged me to write. I am a published poet now and plan to further my writing career.

Comment: I just read your book or rather your website and found it absolutely inspirational. I've done a lot of research on different religions and finally found my metaphysics about 4 yrs ago. While reading your work I found myself reading my thoughts and beliefs all spelled out in front of me in your words. It's a beautiful thing, rock on.

Comment: Thank you for this site, it's extremely helpful and enjoyable. Best wishes for happiness to you...

Comment: A previous resident of Atlantis here and present. Thank you,

Comment: Tell Farley I love him. :) I listen everyday. I’m worried I’m becoming a Farlite! Or is that ‘Farlight’? hummm, that would make me a star, huh? :) There should be ‘Farlight’ t-shirts!

Comment: Thank you for making your journey so the rest of us could be enlightened and educated from it.

Comment: I happened to come across your site earlier this week. What a wealth of information here. Your my kind of guy, a guy who takes nothing at face value and continually digs for the truth of things. You have a great way of explaining very chewy subjects and putting them out there in such a way that anyone could understand. This week alone many theories I have been tossing about was tied nicely together from some of your radio archives. Thank you! I will be making a small donation to your work.

Comment: I am a 22 year old self-taught student of Astrology since I was 17 and your radio files are really a treasure. thank you, thank you, thank you.

Comment: I am a seamstress and work at home and have listened to all the radio topics. Also study astrology ( my chart) by books and online. I have had charts done since 1978. Have had many crisis in life but have consciously been on spiritual path for 22 years.. Thank you Farley and Many of Gods blessings for the New Year...

Comment: Hey Farley, holy crap man, I read all your stuff on karma and it really resonated with me, like I've been on a little spiritual awakening for the last 2 and a half years. I can't believe you wrote that in the 80s! you gotta run through hoops on Google just to find accurate info'. Man, the thing that tripped me out was you say Gemini, Virgo, and Cancer parents worry the most, and told the story about your BB gun and getting your eye shot out. Man, I have like the EXACT type of experience with my mom and she's a Cancer that is always in a state of worrying!

Comment: I just want to thank you sooo much for the page on Karma and Astrology. So beautifully done and detailed. I am absolutely hooked on Astrology and it courses thru my veins 24/7. I only study casually, informal and really just beginning. Packed 8th house keeps me searching... LOL!! Thank you again so much for such a in-depth analysis of it all. You have no idea how you've enlightened me further. Really struggling right now and trying to understand my path and those 'nasty' square. Peace and blessings!!!

Comment: Never would have thunk I would find this so indpsiensable.

Comment: Articles like these put the consumer in the driver seat-very important.

Comment: Mr. Farley, thanks and God Bless.

Comment: Thanks for this amazing, ultimately enlightening collection of priceless gifts.

Comment: I love your work, I believe it is the truth.

Comment: I would actually love to have my birth natal chart interpreted by you.

Comment: Hey Farley Glad to See You Have This Radio Linked to Youtube

Comment: Love it!

Comment: Farley Malorrus has been an inspiration in my life ever since I first heard him on the radio. His thoughtfulness and kindness really shines through when you hear him speak on his program. THANKS, Farley, for your insights and encouragement! You ROCK!!!

Comment: No better teacher than Farley. I still have his words in my head back in 1987. His explanations and definitions are right on, but mostly it's his metaphors, similes, and analysis', which truly allows you to understand the meaning. Also, his unique personality will make you a regular listener. Thanks Farley.

Comment: You gave me a personal reading last week or so ago that I greatly appreciated, but I have to say that listening to your radio topics just has me in awe of you. I really just wanted to write to tell you that you truly are an amazing human being. An amazing astrologer and a gift from God. I hope you understand and can really let in the gratitude someone such as myself feels for your talent and expertise. The way you talk about astrology is better than anyone I have ever studied and I have a degree in metaphysics. Your candid appraisals don't have to search for meaning and your intelligence is inspirational. I still have more shows to listen to, more to learn from you thankfully. Farley for President, really. If only you could run the nation. Maybe you should try? And how come you don't have a radio program now? Please try to get back on the radio! The world needs you! Thank you, so much!

Comment: Hello Mr Malorrus. It is very nice to meet you, and to know of you. Many months ago, this year, I came across some pieces that you did back in the 80's. I was born in 86, so ironically, I was being formed as a conscious you were writing and saying things..that I'd need to hear and see, 27 years later! Absolutely amazing. Your piece on Astrology and Karma is one of the most insightful things I have ever come across. I came to Astrology two years ago (as Neptune squared my natal Sun from It's current transit through Pisces.) I cannot thank you enough for what you have said, so long ago. Its helped me immensely. I have found that a lot of what you had to said has crossed my own mind in passing, through life...and some of my more abstract views and beliefs on spirit, karma and such, have been reaffirmed by seeing someone so established speak on the same things. Its near-unnerving, especially concerning Karma, how you described many of the aspects that I just so happen to have! And Saturn was in Sagittarius at the time you constructed those words - since I was born in that time, It was relevant to me as well. I re-read the print-posting tonight, for more insight. This lead me to wonder of your whereabouts at this point in time! I did a quick Google search, which is how I landed here on Facebook. I hope that it does not seem intrusive for me to have found you in such a manner.
Your words have inspired me to do what it is that I KNOW I should be doing. Health wise, Spiritually, and other things. I'm at a cross roads of sorts, which is rather apparent. The Saturn cycle you wrote about back then, is nearing it's return. I am 27, and next year IT will indeed happen, God willing. Its a time in which I look forward to, strangely. I have craved balance my whole life (Moon in Libra. Loved the Libra bit you wrote as well. Concerning Balance.) The notion of Karma has been very important for me, in the last year - before I came across your posts. I came up with the concept of Saturn Returns being "check points" concerning lessons, and such - and thats what lead me to research Astrology and Karma. I believe I came across your words for a reason, and in just due time for me to get the ball rolling on change...and to work out the last bits of lingering Karma before Saturn makes his debut in my 7th reconjunct the sun! Its a prophecy of sorts, it seems. I had a belief about what I MUST have been up to, in my past incarnation...judging by the events and circumstances of my present life...this was confirmed by studying Astrology. It seems that door was meant for me to open as well. I have a feeling deep within, that I am living out lessons that I have failed to rectify in previous lives...and this particular life, concerning said lessons on relationships, and self of utmost importance. I believe I really NEED to get it right in that context, in this life...This life seems to be of a theme of lives revolving around a war between relationships, and the Self. In my case "The Self" is what I have been abusing and neglecting due to my need to care and extend all of me to "The Other." I want to live the best life that I can, and to also not repeat very old and worn out patterns from present incarnations. I also have to remember to enjoy my life....which I also neglect to do.
I did not meant to write so much, and I pray this message finds you in good spirits and health. Thank you kindly for taking the time to read this. MP.

Comment: Hi Farley, just wanted to thank you for adding me as a friend, and I hope this finds you very well. I've been following you since a long time ago on facebook. From 2006-2010 I listened daily to your radio podcasts about astrology and metaphysics. I downloaded all MP3's at the time and put them on my ipod and listened them daily on my way to work, on my travelling hours, and at work most of the time and I learned a lot from them, I was really eager to learn astrology at that time, and when I found you it was a real treasure to me. Your show was awesome and very informative starting from your kind jokes, your ways of opening the show, celestite, and all that jazz. It was a lot of fun.
Now I'm more into concept art and illustration for children books, courses and graphic design and somehow left astrology aside, but still consult astrology time to time for my spiritual well being.
Just wanted to thank you, for I have hanged with you virtually for 4 years or so listening to you daily. Have a great time and high respect to you.

Comment: I remember when I first heard you on the radio. I had just come out of a 3-week mental breakdown ordeal and I was in bed still thinking to reset my brain. My husband, may he rest in peace, turned the radio on before he left for work, never really listened to it but for some reason this channel KFOX was on and I heard this voice talking about astrology. The voice was strong and gentle, at the same time you could hear a smile in it. The topic was like he was talking to me about me. I listened everyday and I noticed I was feeling better. I was getting up out of bed more. I started taping every show and staying up until the girls were asleep. All was quite, I would take notes--still have them all too. I became a student and God only knows why I called in. I was the last caller of the day. I was so nervous, then I heard that healing voice say my name. I said hello and here is the best part of this whole story; you said "I know your spirit and asked me to stay on the line till you closed the show. You said you didn't know why but you knew me and wanted to meet me and invited me to the station for your show and we have been friends for over 25 years. I was healed from the worst Saturn return anyone could ever have. You never knew any of this before but I am publicly thanking you Farley Malorrus for being someone that has my thanks and heart forever. I hope you receive all the goodness and mercy and may it follow you all the days of your life.

Comment: Hello! I just came across this page last night and literally did not sleep a wink cause I had to keep listening to your excerpts! Lol! The way you describe things, I just "get it" so much better than I've ever been able to. Do you still do readings? I would love to have you interpret my chart. I've been feeling kind of "lost" for a while in my life now. I'm currently undergoing a pretty heavy Saturn transit, it's squaring my Venus and about to conjunct my Moon AND simultaneously square my Sun. My boyfriend and I are also breaking up and I'm moving from Colorado back home to New York... so I guess you could say I have a lot of karma to work through! :/ if you would like my birth data... Sooooo, let me know if you are available to do a reading!! Thank you! PS, I'm also a budding astrologer myself :)

Comment: I found your website (the older one :D ) and as initially thought, by accident, by reading through almost in entirety the karma chapters etc I had to just say a few things. I have loved astrology since age 12 or 13, I have read just about every book, article, horoscope blah blah (i am now 5) and to date, NONE, absolutely NONE has resonated, made so much sense, given so much clarity than yours. From my "Soul" (probably contract) I thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge as it has, for the first time in 40 or so years) finally clicked in many of the whys in so much of my life. I can't find words for how much reading most of the info on Twilight's First Gleaming has HELPED ME FINALLY UNDERSTAND & ACCEPT so much ... I am both smiling and crying (joyful) that I found some information that truly resonates on a vibrational (every cell) level. I have found resolution (recognizing karma so the lessons can be finally learned and healed) in/on many things as this has given it meaning and gave me the space to look at the lessons I have learned, and those which I need to go back to school to learn :D Just THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU and if I didn't THANK YOU for your site, Thank You :D

Comment: Just wanted to thank you for guiding people like us, who are trying to understand the purpose of their lives. I am really fascinated by your knowledge about Metaphysics, astrology and UFOs. I am listening to your radio archives and it is kind of healing me. Thank you very much. You are an old wise soul definitely. A little about myself. I am an Indian, studying Petroleum Eng. masters in a state University. I have been searching the answers to such (metaphysical) questions since my early childhood. I like to explore vedic astrology in free time. I am going through a tough time right now, but learning to deal with with it and trying to get an idea of things from your archives. I am not able to hear your radio though, I don't know why. You must be wondering what is her purpose of sending a random mail to me. Well, I just wanted to say hi and thank you. I appreciate your good work. Thank You.


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