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Gravity is what makes the Universe Work

By Farley Malorrus, Copyright 7/18/12 Facebook

You know what that is that makes you tired? Right, Gravity. It's the attraction we have to this large body or planet of which we live called Earth. Each day we get out of bed and go for that coffee to enable us to resist the gravity and move through life at a more effortless pace.

If you don't drink coffee, like me, you depend on your overall stamina to survive. If we have this kind of attraction to Earth, now you know how the Planets are "held" in eternal orbit around our Star, the "Sun." It amazingly holds galaxies together like a huge Snowflake, perfect in design, only the Lords creation makes such miracles possible. It is this balance in the Universe that makes life what it is. It's this relationship that matter has with each other throughout the Universe, eternal gravity holds the very fabric, the stars, the galaxies together.

If you are looking for a definition of the Lord, I think you will find it somewhere in this amazing relationship all things have with each other. Magnetism, the law of attraction and repulsion is what the Universe is all about. When we start to understand our relationship to this gravity all around us, to the Earth, the Sun, the Moon (If the Sun affects the planets you can imagine the effect it has to Life on One of them, Earth); eventually you will come to the understanding that we all in fact magnetic creatures with an intimate relationship to all material things in this Universe. I believe Einstein refers to this fact as the "Theory of relativity." I have spent my life trying to understand and interpret this frequency, this unique spectrum that makes us whom we are, as far as our likes, dislikes, beliefs, friends, family, acquaintances, or anything in life we might be attracted to or turned on to.

It's this magnetism or gravity that affects us each day of our lives in this Universe that dictates our actions. Why did he do that? Why does she like him? Why doesn't he eat fish? We take a picture of the Universe at the moment we inhale our first breath to interpret individual frequency. I believe the Lord developed this system of gravity and individual frequency to define us all, give us uniqueness, path, experience, and opportunity for growth and evolution. Many people spend their entire lives trying to interpret this "Moment of birth," or cell circuit that I believe lies in our very DNA when we are born to reveal our uniqueness and magnetic approach to life. This has nothing to do with fortune telling, being psychic, or predictions.

It has everything to do with understanding ourselves, our uniqueness, our drive, potential, what turns us on, what turns us off, and like tuning in a radio what our personal uniqueness, frequency or magnetism we embrace as magnetic creatures.

This is a Science of Interpretation. It is a science of understanding personal frequency, vibration, and overall identity. If you ever come to understanding your own personal frequency, I believe your very life itself will become so much easier to understand and embrace.




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