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Comment on Robin Williams passing by Farley Malorrus

Robin Williams Died On My Birthday August 11, 2014. Here is my observation on Robin Williams' Natal Chart and Transits for the day:

Robin's natal chart shows Scorpio Rising at almost one degree. With Saturn transiting Scorpio in the 1st house square his Pluto, Robin's Pluto is conjunct my Sun at 18 49' Leo, so Robin and I were connected; hence when he passed on my 66th Birthday I felt a special awareness.

Transiting Saturn in Scorpio square Robin's Pluto is a death aspect (career oriented). Robin's 12th house Neptune (which I share) was almost exactly opposed by transiting Uranus in Aries in his 6th house of work and health (hence the Parkinsons). Pluto in Capricorn has run havoc with his Cancer planets, creating a "Chart on Fire" aspect, which would make life unbearable for a person who is an addict, and has Parkinsons. Typically, all these hot square and opposition transits offer growth, structure, evolution, and hope, unless there is despair, hopelessness, depression, and chronic anxiety, which I feel Robin had. If he had not spent so much time alone, he might have been able to work through the transit. Others who have suffered similar situations (like Elvis) might also have survived if their conditions were better understood.

It is important to remember that there is no such thing as a bad aspect in astrology--Life is tough; stress is hard, illness is often unbearable. The transit frequencies affecting Robin Williams during his death were heightened probably more than ever in his whole life. It's common for family and friends to blame themselves when someone commits suicide, but usually it is an exceptionally challenging task, particularly with transits lasting years, and may not help everyone.

Transiting Pluto in Capricorn also squared Robin's 6th House Jupiter in Aries, in the house of health and work, so perhaps Robin's time on Earth had come to an end, and perhaps he understood that. He was a highly intelligent intuitive person, and instead of going through all the rigmarole with the press and the world concerning his financial issues, his marriage, family, children, career, and life, he may have preferred to check out as he did, his way.

Alas, I was not there to assist in any way. I am sad for his passing, and I will meditate on healing and recovery on the other side. I too am having similar aspects, but my faith and inner strength sustain me. At least I have my health, and the love of friends and family to sustain me. People with a natal Pisces Moon and twelfth house planets tend to be escapist, prone to addiction and depression, He had a natal Venus oppose Moon, or intense karma with women and money. Transiting Neptune also set that off. I wish I could counsel people like Robin Williams, in order to explain the frequencies they are being subjected to, and perhaps save a life. I love you Robin and understand your situation.

Please feel free to pass on my analysis of Robin Williams, share all you wish, and let us meditate and pray he is making those on the other side "Laugh out Loud" as we speak. Love you all for reading my thoughts. Astrology is not a religion, or fortune telling. It is a way to measure the gravity, the frequencies of the Universe and how they affect us as Cosmic beings, made of energy, molecules, and atoms, that mimic the macroverse, and the Stars. May the power of the Great Spirit bless you all; Love Farley Malorrus.

Robin Williams Chart


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